The World’s 1st Zero Knowledge Privacy App combining storage and chat.

Features: Taking the best of both and adding a little extra.

Out of sight, Peace of Mind!

No more disguising your private app icons. Log off of Haystack and the icon vanishes from your screen.

Can’t tell what we don’t know!

Zero Knowledge of your stored and shared data means not even our staff has access. Your privacy is your right.

Share safely and securely…or not

Share securely with 2-­ factor verification. With Haystack permission controls, you can allow additional sharing and find comfort knowing you can delete your shared files across all app users at anytime.

Your Digital Haystack in the cloud

Store your media files, documents, SMS, private contacts, passwords and more in Haystack’s "My Needles" section.


Communicate with only the users you desire. No mobile number required, thus no one can search you, call you or harass you without your permission.

When privacy really matters…

Client-side data encryption, end-to-end encrypted sharing, end-to-end encrypted backup, data encryption at rest… Haystack is doing all it can to protect your privacy.

Grow Without The Growing Pains.

Get 2GB of storage free along with 1 year of free chat, but if you are like most, your world of privacy could fill up 1TB easily and if so, Haystack has you covered.

  • PaaS We Coined, Bitcoin We Accept

    Haystack provides another level of privacy for our paid subscribers by offering plan payments via Bitcoin in addition to Paypal and most all other credit card types.

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  • Permissions: Giveth or Taketh Away

    Haystack’s 2-step verification file sharing system secures files in transit, but our system also provides you with permission controls to allow file recipients to only view, to download or to re-share. These permissions can be given or taken away at anytime.

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  • There Is Comfort In Control

    With Haystack Chat, your history is automatically saved, but if you are uncomfortable with text or files sent to even your closest connections, simply set your chats to Destroy. This way at logoff, all of your chat content will be deleted across all devices and from our servers.

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  • Keeping Life In Sync

    Haystack let’s you access your data across multiple devices. As a cloud based platform, your data and chats are always in sync regardless of the device you login from.

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Why Choose Haystack.It

Haystack was built as a solution for the lack of individual privacy surrounding data storage, file sharing and chat communications. This is less about something to hide and more about an individual’s right to privacy. With Haystack being built as a Zero Knowledge platform, we know nothing, which is the opposite of most storage and messaging providers today. Haystack gives you the control of your completely encrypted data to determine who sees it, what they can do with it, who can chat with you, what happens to your chat history and much, much more…

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