About Haystack.it

Where do we start…Hmmm?

It seems like just the other day when a need was discovered and the idea was born. Someone once said something like… build something for yourself, build it well and chances are that thousands, if not millions of other people just like you will need your product or service too.

What a difference a year makes

The company launched nearly a year after inception. Along the way, we have attracted some great people from all over the world, many who also had the same need, to make the services of our company those in which millions will hopefully need too.

Haystack brings the best of two worlds together

Haystack.it is a mobile application developed to offer users the peace of mind to “worry less and do more.” It is a cloud-based platform that enables users to store and share private information safely and securely under the next level of privacy encryption standards…Zero Knowledge. Moreover, it allows users to chat among their approved Haystack Connections without revealing their mobile numbers. The resulting combination delivers what has now become a part of our daily lives; storing and sharing files and chatting with others all in a single app, on one platform, putting the user in control of his or her privacy – all this plus a unique out of sight, peace of mind feature.

When Privacy Matters The Most!

At Haystack, we believe privacy is first a right, then followed by a choice. It is our goal to help individuals maintain their right to privately and securely protect their personal data, all the while giving them the choice to with whom it is shared. The company understands that having the right of choice in certain important areas of life is paramount to living in peace and happiness. Although this is only one of those certainly important areas of life, Haystack was born to assist here.

The road ahead…

Although we feel good about our product and services to date, we need you to help us stay relevant, to improve and to spread the word to see just how many other people need a digital Haystack. So send us your thoughts and suggestions and be sure to tell a friend we are here.

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