Benefits of Using Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone

February 27, 2017

Are you running out of space on your iPhone? Is there a lack of storage capacity on your device? We all know that an Apple iPhone does not come with that extra storage space, which we look for when our data faces space crunch. True! Apple devices do not come with expandable memory, thereby, creating trouble when storing and syncing data. In order to fix the issue, all you need is a good cloud, possibly the best cloud storage app for iPhone. Well, which is considered the best cloud storage service on the Internet?

cloud storage apps for iphone

Let us take a quick look at the top cloud storage solutions for your iPhone which will allow you to safely access your files comfortably and remotely. First, you should always look for an all-in-one app that has cloud storage, sharing, texting and user permission control functions for security, efficiency and convenience. Today, when we talk about the best cloud storage apps for iPhone, there is a short list of providers that are most well known that compete with each other. Some of them are as follows:

  • Dropbox
  • iCloud
  • Google Drive
  • Crash Plan
  • OneDrive
  • com
  • Box

Each of these has its own benefits, thereby, serving all its individual users in the best possible ways. Now it is up to you to pick out the one that suits your requirements. Using a cloud service to store and sync files/data is always commendable. The benefit of using a cloud storage app isthat you can, not only store and sync extra data there but secure all files even if your device gets damaged. Even if you are away from your device, you get the option to access your important files from other devices (tablet, computer, etc.).

Using a cloud storage app will allow you to setup the ability to auto-upload some or all of your data into the cloud. This will let you access it from anywhere without even copying the files. The automatic upload/backup will keep you worry free about losing your important data.

In order to benefit from a cloud storage app, you must sign up and create a user account. There are apps geared more towards privacy where you are not required to provide your mobile number nor disclose your personal details, usually making just an email address sufficient for registration. With this account, your data can easily get synced and accessed across all multiple devices. With such all-in-one apps, you can even text your family and friends around the globe, whether in group chat or a single chat, your entire conversation will be end-to-end encrypted for your privacy. If you find yourself offline, you need not worry at all because these all-in-one apps will deliver your text messages and shared files upon logging in.

So, select the best cloud storage app, preferably an all-in-one that not only helps you sync and access files comfortably, but also allows you to stay in touch with friends, family and associates through chat as well and share files with them securely.

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