The phrase “Needle In A Haystack” pretty much says it all. If you have something you want to secure very privately….Haystack.It; secure it, store it, share it, control it or chat about it. Your data, your way.

Compare Haystack to other messaging, file sharing & storage apps

Haystack vs Dropbox

Haystack is simply more secure and definitely more private than Dropbox with Haystack’s end-to-end encrypted sharing and zero knowledge platform. Haystack can’t tell or share what we don’t know or have. Its your data, its your control and its your privacy that matters most to us.

Haystack vs Google Drive

Haystack is also more secure and private than Google Drive with its client-side data encryption, as well as providing you control over you files, even after sharing them with others.

Haystack vs Whatsapp

Haystack is also 0.99 USD/year, but unlike Whatsapp no mobile number is required to communication with your connections. No one can search you or harass you. User IDs are required and shared among intended connections. Need more anonymity, pay with Bitcoin.

Haystack vs Telegram

Haystack brings the two worlds together with chat and cloud storage. Need to store a file in a zero knowledge environment for complete privacy? Need to chat about it and then share it with a connection? Haystack has you covered. Telegram can’t do that.

Comparison of Storage Providers Box Dropbox Google-Drive One-Drive
Zero Knowledge Platform
Disappearing Icon(1 footnote)
Client-side data encryption
Earn additional Storage
End-to-end encrypted sharing
Granular access permissions Limited Limited
End-to-end encrypted backup
Dual payment gateway (Paypal or Bitcoin)
Channel encryption (SSL,TLS)
SSL and at rest encrpytion
Server Location EU US US US US

Comparison of Messaging Providers Whatsapp Telegram Hangouts Skype
IM Style Chat
Disappearing Icon *
Encrypted in Transit
Payment Methods .0.99 USD/year via all major credit cards, Paypal and Bitcoin Free Free Free Varied
Verify your contact's identity
Registration without phone number
Share photo & video
File transfer
Group Chat
Share Voice Messages/Memos
Share account on multiple devices

*Disappearing Icon available only on Android Devices

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