What to look for in the best cloud storage apps

January 9, 2017 Haystack.it

The rise of cloud computing has opened up endless new possibilities in terms of what can be achieved using mobile devices, removing the hardware limitations and eliminating the reliance on local storage. But the cloud ecosystem is not without its issues, one of which is the sheer number of providers which have popped up to offer seemingly similar products.

Cloud Storage Apps

When picking between storage apps, there are plenty of features to keep in mind. Here are just a few of the questions you should ask.

Is my data encrypted?

Encryption should be a given in the modern world, but this is not always the case, and indeed, there are multiple types of encryption available, some of which are more secure than others.

Ideally, you should seek out an app that operates in a Zero Knowledge environment, which not only boosts security but also guarantees privacy. This approach means that only you hold on to the keys which unlock your data, so the provider could not give anyone else access to this information even if they wanted to or were forced to by law.

Is sharing secure?

Plenty of cloud storage providers put convenience above security, especially when it comes to sharing. If you can simply send anyone a link to one of your files for download, it could easily be shared, fall into the wrong hands and leave you exposed unnecessarily.

Look out for storage apps that require two-step authentication, not only for users logging in to share information but also for recipients. This way you will always be sure that when you send someone a file, only they will be able to access it, and it will be impossible to end up with an unauthorized individual.

Is messaging included?

Having to use several different apps to share data, send messages and stay in contact with your closest contacts is something that many mobile users accept as a necessity. However, the best storage apps will be able to combine these features together, giving you even more reason to keep coming back to them.

Aside from the straightforward nature of this approach, you can also eliminate some of the annoyances associated with standalone instant messaging services, such as having to field unwanted correspondence from people you do not know, dealing with spam in your inbox or being required to make use of your mobile number in order to access all of the features.

Once you have asked and answered all of these questions it should be much simpler to identify which cloud storage app is the best one for you to choose to download.

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