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June 28th, 2016 is bringing cloud storage, messaging, privacy and permission controlled file sharing
together in a single app.
San Francisco, CA, June 28 – is the World 1st Zero Knowledge Privacy App
combining messaging and cloud storage. If that is not enough, here is why users should opt to
USER ACCOUNT: Your account is setup with an email and your selection of a
unique Haystack ID. Therefore, no mobile number is required, eliminating unwanted lookups or
harassing connection requests. Without being tied to a mobile number, your account can be
synced and accessed across multiple devices. In My Profile, personal data is optional and even
still you can select how much or how little information about yourself is displayed to your
desired connections.
MESSAGING: uses your device’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/Edge or Wi-Fi, as
available) to allow messaging to friends and family around the world. * Whether in a single chat
or group chat, your conversations are end-to-end encrypted for your security and privacy. If you
are offline, no worries your received messages will update and sync upon logging on. No need to
worry about messaging the wrong person’s phone number anymore. With, you must
approve connections and each connection maintains his or her unique Haystack ID. Messaging is
free for the 1st year.
CLOUD STORAGE: is a place for your photos, videos, audio, passwords,
identification records, docs and other files. Files stored on are maintained in a zero
knowledge environment and are safety backed up across multiple servers around the world
giving you continuous access from all of your devices. Given that is cloud based,
none of your information or data remains on your device, so that eliminates the worry of losing a
device or someone gaining unauthorized access. Cloud Storage offers more plans up to 1TB
including messaging at no additional cost.
SHARING: currently provides 2 ways to share information with your Haystack
Connections. In messaging, you can simply attach a media file or document and share within
your chat conversation or use 2-step verification file sharing. In 2-step, the receiver must identify
his or herself with 2 unique pieces of information, one being an OTP code and the other is the
user’s email to gain access. Once accessed, files can be accepted or rejected.
USER CONTROL: believes a part of privacy is control. Therefore, much control is
built into the app. In messaging, at any point you can delete a sent text or shared file from the
conversation on your device and the device of the recipient…not hide, actually delete it. You can
also set your conversations to sync or destroy at logoff. Destroy simply means all of your chat
conversations will be deleted from your account, thus deleted from your devices as well as all
sent messages and files from the devices of all recipients. Note, shared files via messaging can
not be forwarded or download to the recipient’s device for your protection.
In 2-step verification, permission controls are provided allowing you to give permissions to the
recipient to view only, download or re-share. As the owner of the file, you will always have
access to deleted the file within the Haystack environment even if your Haystack Connection reshares
the file 1 or 50 times. You can delete it from everyone with the swipe of a button.
AND THERE IS EVEN MORE: provides free storage promotions, login via email,
SMS OTP* and fingerprint verification on certain devices, auto inactive logoff where users can
set the time and more!
Haystack is a Privacy as a Service company and believes privacy is first a right, then followed by
a choice. Its goal is to help individuals maintain their right to privately and securely protect their
personal data, all the while giving them the choice to with which it is shared. The company
understands that having the right of choice in certain important areas of life is paramount to
living in peace and happiness. Although this is only one of those certainly important areas of life,
Haystack was born to assist here.
If you would like more information about this topic, please call Ian James at 855-418-8585, or

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