Like A Needle In A Haystack

Out of sight, peace of mind!

Things to look for if security and privacy matters to you

  • Zero Knowledge

    Nothing leaves your device until after it is encrypted – client-side encryption- and is never decrypted until you access it again on your device. Server side encryption and end-to-end encryption means zero knowledge to everyone but you.

  • Your Meta-Data

    On our platform, in addition to Zero Knowledge of your files, we have no access to your meta-data, which is information about information. Bits of encrypted data in containers is all we see. Therefore, your file names, creation dates and & File size are not, not only available to us, but no hackers either.

  • Backup and Restore

    Feel secure knowing data backup is encrypted and redundant across servers in different regions of the world. Your Digital Haystack is always on and always available across all devices. No matter what happens to your device, your data is always safe and accessible regardless of where you are in the world.

"Privacy is 1st a right, then followed by a choice."

Generally, it is not that we all want to hide everything, it is usually about having that option to protect something, if we so desire. At the end of the day, for most, privacy becomes relevant only after something personal is exposed. Why not be proactive and prevent such from happening in the first place with your own digital Haystack now.

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