The Break Up That Never Stops Hurting

April 18, 2016

How Long Is Forever?
blog-img-1I suspect that if you are at least 21 years of age, you have most likely been in a few relationships, some perhaps good and others, well down right awful. I remember some time ago – hopefully, not showing my age – when a good or bad break up simply meant you would be emotionally hurt for a while, perhaps you vowed to make the other person regret breaking up with you or maybe the worse thing was that you had to see them everyday with someone else – Let’s just hope it wasn’t your best friend, now know as your ex-best friend.

Over the years, much has changed in how we interactively date. But before we dive into dating, let’s make a few general statements that you often hear in the media that you may or may not agree with – note: these are not my opinions, just hearsay. 1- The younger generation, say Millennials and younger think about only now in the areas of career, finance and investing (or the lack thereof) and relationships. 2- The Gen Xers and those just beyond the Millennials were/are long-term career planners, financial planners and investors and looked and expected to be married raising a family just a few years out of college. Again, you may agree or disagree with these statements, but what about this?

blog-img-2In all areas mentioned above, we, meaning all generations are required to give of ourselves whether in the now, short-term or long-term. I have no issue with this. I believe as we give the good of ourselves in anything, generally good or great will come in return and if not, then cut ties and move on; hence the Break Up.

Well, the Break Up seems simple enough. You don’t like your job, quit and find a new one with a clean slate. You don’t like your investment returns, cash out and try something new, no worries. But what about our relationship? If a break up is imminent, can we simply cut ties and start a new one? Of course we can, but I am just thinking about the amount of mobile-shared private and personal text, photos and files sent between the two of us. What happens to that data at break up – especially the photos and videos? Do we both agree to delete them? It’s a break up, and likely one of the reasons behind the break up is the inability to agree on certain important things. So the answer is highly unlikely. So, can you image your personals being re-shared out of spite?

blog-img-3Dating today whether the intent is short or long-term requires a bit more planning than years gone by. We give and give until it hurts, but feel quite satisfied with our choice when the love is returned to wash away the pain. Unfortunately when we find the pain unbearable or to frequent and thus emerge on the other side of a break up, we then wish there was something to wash away our personal data from their device. Well, often times when there is a sizeable need, a solution is created. I urge each of you to check out the incredible features of that solution called

With, worry no more about your data and who has access to it. Find comfort in knowing that if you share something with someone, you maintain control of what they can or cannot do with it. And best of all, always know you can delete it from their device at anytime.

Be a planner. Make the App a pre-requisite to dating. Those who fail to plan, plan to open themselves up for years of uncertainty, embarrassment and hurt.

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