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March 13, 2017 Haystack.it

Android is one of the most preferred operating systems when it comes to smart phones. The ease of use and interesting features makes android phones popular among users. But, no matter which operating system used, if it fails to provide security of data stored and data used there is no point in using the phone. With data theft becoming quite common, it is more imperative than ever that Smartphone users opt for apps that will help them to maintain their security and privacy. Have you ever wondered which the best security app for android smart phones is? Haystack.it is the answer.

best security app for android

With the World’s 1st Zero Knowledge Chat & Cloud Storage Privacy App, you can experience a heightened sense of security and safety with regards to data storage and data transfer. The data is client-side encrypted end-to-end which means only the sender and receiver can access the data. No other third party has access to it, not even Haystack.it. All the data that you upload, share and transfer belongs to you in one single platform.

Why Use Haystack.it:

  • User Account: Your Haystack.it account is set up with an email and a Haystack ID that is unique for each user. There is no need to use your mobile number thereby you can easily sync this app across multiple devices. The user has complete control over what to display and what will be hidden.
  • Cloud Storage: The perfect app to store your photos, videos, audio, passwords, records, docs and other files. Even if you lose your Smartphone there is nothing to worry about because all the data is stored in the cloud which can be accessed by you from any device 
  • Sharing: With Haystack.it you have two ways to share information. Normal messaging and 2-step verification file sharing. Through messaging you can send files and photos and in the 2 step verification, once a file(s) is sent, the receiver needs to type in the OTP and his /her email ID to gain access to the data shared.
  • User Control: Haystack.it believes a part of privacy is control. Hence all the data – files, photos, video and audio can be deleted by the sender at any given point of time within the platform. The user has complete control over the shared data and what he wishes to do with it or allow others to do with it.
  • Hidden Icon: For next level privacy, Haystack.it allows its users to hide the Haystack.it icon from the device screen when not in use and logged out. The Settings section of Haystack.it is well designed with many custom options to suit any user’s desired control for privacy.

If you have an android phone you now know which app to use. It is for these reasons that Haystack.it is referred to as the best security app for android.

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