Privacy Apps on Cloud and their Importance for Businesses

February 13, 2017

With a phenomenal rise in the number of users, an increased amount of social interaction is taking place in private groups through messaging apps far more than in the social media channels. As such, these apps are offering businesses and brands a much-needed opportunity to interact with their target market in a much better way than previously.

Private Messaging App for iPhone

Now, utilizing these privacy apps for Android phones involves both opportunities as well as certain challenges. Here is a detailed discussion about the emergence of these apps and their applicability in the present business environment.

While the main USP of these apps is privacy, knowing how to work with it and especially, navigate it in the right direction can initially be a bit tricky for marketers. Once done right, it is certainly way more effective because messaging through privacy apps do not infringe on the privacy of the audience unlike the traditional mode of digital advertising such as pop-ups and the like. Brand advocates can be invited over and private conversations can be exchanged between them and that of the celebrity figures sponsored by the brand.

In the past, messaging was only sent through text. Today, however, you have the ability to also send images as well as videos. Consequently, there are new and innovative ways to reach out to the consumers by tapping brand sponsors to dialogue with them, offering up to the minute event coverage, and setting up a more personal way of handling customer service queries. Entertainment marketing is also experiencing good initial results, with as high as a 10% conversion rate after broadcasting links to fresh videos and the latest content.

So, privacy apps for Smartphone, as a whole, cater best to the younger audiences who are perpetually on the lookout for a more interactive and private experience that is not restricted to social media only. The excessive noisiness and the over-crowded space of social media channels is absent when it comes to the messaging apps, which is an added benefit too.

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