Texting The Wrong Number Can Be Quite Embarrassing

May 16, 2016 Haystack.it

A wrong number can be the result of “Operator Error”, meaning your did something wrong or perhaps that person changed their number and fail to tell you. Regardless of the cause, when texting the wrong number, it is… well watch the video.

Texting The Wrong Number from Haystack.it on Vimeo.

When Privacy Matters Most – Haystack.it
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Haystack.it is a mobile application developed to offer users the peace of mind to “worry less and do more.” It is a cloud-based platform that enables users to store and share private information safely and securely under the next level of privacy encryption standards…Zero Knowledge. Moreover, it allows users to chat among their approved Haystack Connections without revealing their mobile numbers. The resulting combination delivers what has now become a part of our daily lives; storing and sharing files and chatting with others all in a single app, on one platform, putting the user in control of his or her privacy.

Great Features:
-Built on a Zero Knowledge Platform
-Cloud Storage & Messaging together, finally…
-2-Step Verification File Sharing with Permission Controls
-End-to-End Encryption…
-No mobile number required…
-Sync across multiple devices…
-Manual & self-destructing sent messages and files…
-You can’t be searched by unwanted contacts
-Auto timer logout for app security…
-Accepts Credit Cards, PayPal & Bitcoins
-and much, much more.

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